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Our advertising team is specialized in select the most appropriate channels for your promotion. We interface daily with each of our media partner with whom we collaborate actively in optimizing the performances.


Compared to traditional agencies, Nanalab has an internal staff specializes in creation and management of advertising campaigns on search engines. These promotions involve a continuous inquiry about the main trends on the Web in order to identify a meeting point between the proposed product and the target audience. In this way, plays an active role in searching for objects, ideas and content related with the services and products we advertise.

In confirmation of what has been said above:

  • Nanalab has been invited by Google Ireland to witness the own experience in an internal convention that each year brings together the sales manager from the largest search engine in the world
  • Nanalab is a Yahoo certified Agency from June 3, 2010


The Web last two years showed a substantial revolution in the display area. Only a few years ago, to acquire a customer you needed to reach thousands of users, this relation in recent years has drastically reduced.

social networking

The growth of the social networking and the web community was the motor that allowed Internet to get closer to users (and vice versa), and then to their likings and interests. This made the Web a less impersonal and more profitable place. Where our socio-cultural and geographical knowledge are well established, the demography of the Web is an evolving research!

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