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Nanalab has a tecnical division with strong skills resulting from ten years of experience in web, value-added services for mobile phones and tlc.
For nearly three years works in international projects either directly by implementing ad hoc solutions than providing integrations with international partners.


Nanalab is particularly interested in all the enabling technologies that can improve the business of its Customers. In this context it has developed and still follows the evolution of 2 proprietary platforms.

  • ADV WEB: This distributed application, currently in production on a large number of countries, is able to manage heavy traffic peaks without impact on the final user experience.
  • Mobile Couponing: This application provides a fast and intuitive interface to a wide range of business to create their own mobile couponing campaigns and monitor the results in real time.


Nanalab has deep knowledge in:

  • Project and program management in an international context
  • Development of Web distributed and stand alone applications on java and .net technologies
  • Management and analysis of large amounts of data, typical of the tlc world, on MS SQL and Mysql technology
  • CRM applications and Business Intelligence customized for SMS premium scenarios in countries such as Italy, Spain, Greece, Brazil, Mexico…
  • Maintenance, security and networking on all market-leading technologies

to be

Nanalab has recently formed a development group for applications on mobile terminals with Android operating system. Nanalab is currently releasing a client for the geolocation of coupons for wide distribution in Italy.